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Scapegoating: politically motivated blaming and punishing

Blame fetishism (how to avoid it)

Blame as social cognition: The Path Model

Blame: It’s nature, targets, and functions

Responsibility as a non-ideal conversational practice in non-ideal social conditions

Responsibilities (moral, epistemic, political) & why they matter

Charlottesville & Responsibility

Hate as a type of prejudice

Blame in Context: Inspired by Maya Angelou

Richard Spencer, White Ignorance, and White Guilt

Quasi-gruop agency

Response to symposium

Responsibility, epistemic confidence, & trust

Responsibility and epistemic confidence

Romantic love, perceptions of love, and attribution-self-representation biases

Blame and Brock Turner

Moral enhancements 2 (Manipulation cases)

Moral responsibility: A conversational-functionalist model

Moral enhancements 1 (Do we have a duty to enhance?)

Implicit bias: The limits of control/character: Continued

Implicit bias: The limits of control/character

Non-cognitivism as philosophical method?

Moral reasoning and the emotions

Responsibility and sympathy

Responsibility and implicit bias

Responsibility and attachment theory


Responsibility and psychological disorders

Responsibility or responsibilities?

Responsibility on a spectrum

Responsibility in the modern age: agency and change

Responsibility, blogs, and situationism

Blogs and responsibility

This is a blog on moral responsibility