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Hannah Gadsby: Lessons for moral responsibility

On “civilizing blame”: How I learned to stop worrying and love the F-bomb

What kind of functionalism is the right kind? Blame as contemptuous attributions of moral flaws.

Critical injustice in academic philosophy

Why POC’s blame is epistemically marginalized

Why women’s blame means less than men’s in conditions of epistemic injustice

Gaslighting as epistemic injustice 

Refusing to read more in order to read better: on moral and epistemic injustice in academia

Is criticizing/blaming a virtue? 

Is criticism valuable if it doesn’t make a sound? Blaming in conditions of epistemic injustice.

Scapegoating: politically motivated blaming and punishing

Blame fetishism (how to avoid it)

Blame as social cognition: The Path Model

Blame: It’s nature, targets, and functions

Responsibility as a non-ideal conversational practice in non-ideal social conditions

Responsibilities (moral, epistemic, political) & why they matter

Charlottesville & Responsibility

Hate as a type of prejudice

Blame in Context: Inspired by Maya Angelou

Richard Spencer, White Ignorance, and White Guilt

Quasi-gruop agency

Response to symposium

Responsibility, epistemic confidence, & trust

Responsibility and epistemic confidence

Romantic love, perceptions of love, and attribution-self-representation biases

Blame and Brock Turner

Moral enhancements 2 (Manipulation cases)

Moral responsibility: A conversational-functionalist model

Moral enhancements 1 (Do we have a duty to enhance?)

Implicit bias: The limits of control/character: Continued

Implicit bias: The limits of control/character

Non-cognitivism as philosophical method?

Moral reasoning and the emotions

Responsibility and sympathy

Responsibility and implicit bias

Responsibility and attachment theory


Responsibility and psychological disorders

Responsibility or responsibilities?

Responsibility on a spectrum

Responsibility in the modern age: agency and change

Responsibility, blogs, and situationism

Blogs and responsibility

This is a blog on moral responsibility